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What we offer

Magnum Drilling specializes in RC (reverse circulation) drilling, Grade Control Drilling, Monitoring water well drilling(as required by DMR standards), blast hole drilling, air core flushing, de-watering and pre-collar drilling to cut the cost on core drilling.

Types Of Drilling

  • Reverse circulation drilling
  • Grade control drilling
  • Monitoring water well drilling
  • Blast hole drilling
  • Air core flushing
  • De-watering drilling
  • Pre-collar drilling
  • Borehole drilling


Domestic Boreholes

In-Town and suburbs

As Per regulations on boreholes on Properties for domestic purposes which is a borehole that’s delivering less than 50 000L per day is not necessary to register but with some conditions:

  • Water is only to be used on Property that it’s drilled on
  • Borehole water supply not allowed to enter municipal water connections
  • The owner is responsible for the testing of the water to ensure its safe for consumption
  • An appropriate sign must be visible if a borehole exists on the property